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Glam Central

Provides a multisided platform where Customers meet Stylists.

Customers can get their hair made, fix nails, do make up and more. They can get those done wherever they feel comfortable. Its like ordering an uber to look great.

As a stylist you get to do work and get paid as long as there is someone nearby that wants to look good.

And this doesnt alter your normal work flow.



How It Works


  • Download the Customers App
  • Signup/Login
  • Select a Service
  • Select Stylist
  • Make Payment
  • Wait For Stylist To Arrive
  • Enjoy Service
  • Rate Stylist


  • Download the Stylists App
  • Signup/Login
  • Select Services Offered and Set Prices
  • Indicate Your Location
  • Pass Our Verification Process
  • Wait For Work Notification
  • Complete the job on the due date
  • Get Paid
  • Rate Customer


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